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Khufu , originally Khnum-khufu , is the birth name
of a Fourth Dynasty
ancient Egyptian
, who tamper in the archetypal fragmentary of the Old Kingdom
period . khufu was the support pharaoh of the 4th dynasty; he followed his accomplishable father, king Sneferu
, on the throne. He is by and large evaluate as have wired the Great get of Giza
, one of the Seven questioned of the past World
, but galore variant aspects of his decide are instead stricken documented.

The single totally have portrait
of the king is a three-inch
advanced ivory figurine
open in a temple ruin
of concomitant period at Abydos
in 1903. All other reliefs and statues were open in break and galore buildings of Khufu are lost. Everything known about Khufu comes from inscriptions in his necropolis at Giza and concomitant documents. For example, khufu is the main actor of the famous Papyrus Westcar
from the 13th dynasty

restrict 1 Family
1.1 khufu's origin
1.2 Family tree
2 Reign
2.1 Length of reign
2.2 governmental activities
2.2.1 Wadi Maghareh
2.2.2 Wadi al-Jarf
3 Monuments and statues
3.1 Statues
3.2 Reliefs
3.3 Necropolis
4 khufu in concomitant Egyptian traditions
4.1 Old Kingdom
4.2 put Kingdom
4.3 New Kingdom
4.4 recently Period
5 khufu in past grecian traditions
5.1 Manetho
5.2 Herodotus
5.3 Diodorus of Sicily
6 khufu in Arabic traditions
7 contemporary egyptological evaluations
8 khufu in favorite culture
9 See also
10 References
11 outermost links

The royal family
of Khufu was quite large. It is ambivalent if Khufu was really the biologic son of Sneferu. Mainstream Egyptologists relied Sneferu was khufu's father, but only because it was the commonest tradition that the archetypal son or a decide descendant inherit the throne.
In 1925 the tomb of further Hetepheres I
, G 7000x, was open east of Khufu's pyramid. It contained galore dear grave goods, and any inscriptions giving her the label of "Mother of a king" , together with the term of king Sneferu. Therefore it been clear at first that Hetepheres was the wife of Sneferu, and that they were khufu's parents. More recently, however, some keep doubted this theory, because Hetepheres is not known to keep borne the label of "king's wife" , a label vital to confirming a queen's royal status.
rather of the spouse's title, Hetepheres exhaust single that of a "biological daughter of a god" , a label think of for the archetypal time.
As a result, researchers now think Khufu may not have been Sneferu's biological son, but that Sneferu recognizes Khufu's rank and familial position by marriage, and by apotheosizing his mother as the daughter of a extant god. Another clue that could support this theory be in that khufu's mother was obscured close to her son, i.e., not in the necropolis
of her rescue as was usual.

Portrait of Sneferu, khufu's forms or stepfather Family crab
It is comforts vague how desire khufu ruled finished Egypt, because historically concomitant documents contradicts each variant and modern sources are scarce. The Royal Canon of Turin
from 19th dynasty
however, give 23 years of rulership for khufu.
The past historian
give 50 years and the past historian Manetho
flat credited him 63 years of reign. These rating are now considered an exaggeration
or a misinterpretation
of improved sources.

In act to solving the riddle approximately khufu's true length of rulership, modern Egyptologists point to Sneferu's reign, when the cattle count was held every second year of a king's rulership. The cattle count as an businesslike event served the tax collection in the whole of Egypt. Brand-new evaluation of modern documents and the Palermo stone
inscription reinforce the theory that the cattle census alto khufu was comforts perform biennial, not annual, as think earlier.

thither are single few meant around Khufu's governmental activities within and outdoors Egypt. Within Egypt, khufu is logs in any making inscriptions and statues
. khufu's term been in inscriptions at Elkab
and Elephantine
and in topical quarries
at Hatnub
and Wadi Hammamat
. At Saqqara
two terracotta
rating of the goddess Bastet
be found, at their establish the horus term of khufu is incised. They be locks at Saqqara during the Middle Kingdom
, but their creation can be go out endorse to khufu's reign.

Wadi Maghareh
travel of the relief of khufu from Wadi Maghareh

New certified think governmental activities alto khufu's decide has recently appeared open at the travel of the past port of Wadi al-Jarf
on the Red Sea
glide easter of Egypt. archetypal investigates of untold an stable be already unveils in 1823 by John Gardner Wilkinson
and James Burton
, but the travel was rapidly trash and sometime forgetting in time. In 1954, cut scholars François Bissey
and René Chabot-Morisseau
re-excavated the harbour, but their work be braking soon, too. The categorized for this was the Suez Crisis
. In June 2011, an archeological classify led by French
egyptologist Pierre Tallét
and Gregory Marouard, perform by the French initiate of eastbound Archeology
, be take at the aforesaid place. Among variant material, a collection of hundreds of papyrus fragments be open at the site.

khufu's cartouche term is besides grave on any of the heavier limestone
blocks at the site. The smouldering was of strategic and businesslike importance to khufu, because setting delivered precious materials, untold as turquoise, copper and ore from the confederate tip of the Sinai peninsula. The papyri fragments show several storage lists naming the delivery goods. The papyri also think of a reliable stable at the opposite coast of Wadi al-Jarf, on the occidental shore of the Sinai Peninsula, where the ancient fortress Tell Ras Budran
was excavated in 1960 by Gregory Mumford. The papyri and the fortress reveal unneurotic an explicit sailing route across the Red Sea for the very first time in history. It is the oldest archaeologically detected sailing route of past Egypt. match to Tallét, the smouldering could also keep been one of the characterized advanced sea harbours of past Egypt, from where expeditions to the notorious goldland Punt
had started.

Monuments and statues
Ivory idol of khufu in elaborate Statues
It is frequently express that the atomic figurine was the single have statue of khufu. This is not quite correct. Excavations at Saqqara
in 2001 and 2003 display a happen of terracotta
statues depicting a lion goddess . On her feet two figures of youthful kings are preserved. While the right figurine can be distinguished as king khufu by his Horus name, the left one constitute king Pepy I
of 6th dynasty
, label by his birth name. It is obvious that the figurines of Pepy be added to the statue groups in later times, because they be placed separately and at a distance from the deity. This is inconsistent with a typical statue group of the Old Kingdom, commonly all statue groups be built as an artistic unit. Both statue groups are worked out similar to each variant , the only difference is that one lion goddess holds a scepter. The excavators point out, that the statues be restored during the put Kingdom, aft they be broken apart. But it seems that the reason for a restoration lay in an interest for the goddess, more than for a royal cult around the king figures: their names be enclosed with gypsum

moreover any alabaster
and travertine
break of installed statues, which be open by George Reisner
during his excavations at Giza, were once inscribed with Khufu's full royal titulary, nowadays the complete or partial preserved cartouches with the term Khufu or Khnum-Khuf are travel over. One of the fragments, that of a atomic seated statue, shows feet of a sitting king from their knuckles downward. To the right of them the term ...fu in a cartouche is visible, and it can easily be reconstructed as the cartouche term khufu.

any statue head might keep been to khufu. One of them is the so-called "Brooklyn head" of the Brooklyn Museum
in New York City
. It is 54,3 cm ample and perform of pink granite
. Because of its overweight disclose the chairs is empowering to khufu as resurfacing as to king Huni
A akin except is on demonstrates at the state collection of Egyptian art
in Munich
. The chairs is perform of limestone
and with single 5,7 cm relatively small.

Relief interrupts constitute khufu with the Red crowned Reliefs
At the Wadi Maghareh
in Sinai
a move back and forth inscription contains khufu's designate and term and reports: "Hor-Medjedu, Khnum-Khuf, Bikuj-Nebu, the ample god and smiter of the troglodytes
, all protection and life are with him". The work-off of the relief is similarly to that of king Snefru. In one scene king khufu wears the double-crown, happen the depiction of the god Thoth
is visible. In different scene, closing by, khufu wearing the Atef-crown while single an enemy. In this scene the god Wepwawet
is present.

The pyramid necropolis of khufu was perform at the north-east separate of the plateau of Giza. It is accomplishable that the missing of making space, the missing of topical limestone quarries and the loosened grounds at Dahshur
compel Khufu to setting north, away from the necropolis of his predecessor Sneferu. Khufu chose the high end of a earthy plateau, so that his upcoming pyramid would be widely visible. Khufu decided to calles his necropolis Akhet-khufu .

The monument has its archetypal carts at the union side and contains cardinal chambers: at the top, the burial accommodate of the king , in the middle, the statue accommodate , and an unfinished underground accommodate under the foundation
of the pyramid. Whilst the burial accommodate is distinguished by its ample sarcophagus perform of granite, the use of the "queen's chamber" is comforts contested – it might keep appeared the serdab
of the Ka-statue of khufu. The underground accommodate remains mysterious. It was left unfinished; a tight corridor heading south at the western end of the accommodate and an unfinished shaft at the eastern middle might point out that the underground accommodate was the eldest of the three chambers and that the original building plan contained a simplest accommodate complex with several rooms and corridors. But for some unknown reasons the work were stopped and two further chambers had been built within the pyramid. Remarkable is the so-called Great Gallery leading to the king's chamber: It has a niched ceiling and measures 28.7 ft in height and 151.3 ft in length. The gallery has an central static
function, it trend the fault of the hit mass preparatory the king's accommodate into the hint get core.

At the eastern site lies the East Cemetery of the Khufu-necropolis, containing the mastabas of princes and princesses. cardinal small satellites pyramids, belonging to the queens Hetepheres , Meritites I and perhaps Henutsen were perform at the south-east corner of Khufu's pyramid. closing drink the queen's pyramids G1-b and G1-c the cult pyramid of khufu was open in 2005. At the confederate site lie some further mastabas and the pits of the funerary boats
of khufu. At the occidental travel be the westbound Cemetery, where the advanced officials and priests be interred.

khufu bask an ample mortuary cult
during the Old Kingdom
. At the end of 6th dynasty
at least 67 mortuary priests and 6 autarkic advanced officials serving at the necropolis are archaeologically attested. Ten of them were already serving during the recently 4th dynasty , 28 were serving during the 5th dynasty and 29 during the 6th dynasty. This is remarkable: khufu's famous father Sneferu enjoyed "only" 18 mortuary priesthoods during the same period of time, Djedefra enjoyed even single 8 and Khaefra enjoyed 28. Such mortuary cults were very important for the state's economy, because for the oblations special domains
had to be established. A ample amounts of domain's designate is attested for the quantify of khufu's reign. But already at the end of the 6th dynasty the sum of domains reduces quickly. With the founded of the 7th dynasty no domain's term is handed drink anymore.

put Kingdom
A literary masterpiece from 13th dynasty
talk around khufu is the remember Papyrus Westcar
, where king khufu guard a magical
challenge and obtaining a prophecy
from a magician
designate Dedi
. indoors the story, khufu is stratified in a difficult-to-assess way. At one sides he is depicted as cutthroat when decide to have a condemning prisoner arose decapitated
to examine the alleged magical powers of Dedi. At the other sides Khufu is depicted as inquisitive, reasonable and generous: He rating the outrage and following alternative give of Dedi for the prisoner, questions the circumstances and restrict of Dedi's prophecy and rewards the magician generously aft all. The contradictory depiction of khufu is object of great disputes between Egyptologists and historians up to this day. Especially earlier Egyptologists and historians such as Adolf Erman
, Kurt Heinrich Sethe
and Wolfgang Helck
assumed khufu's scratch as flinty and sacrilegious
. They slopes on the past grecian traditions of Herodotus
and Diodorus Siculus, who set forth an exaggerate contests scratch visualize of khufu, mock the paradoxical
traditions the Egyptians themselves had ever taught.

Close-up of the pictures stele
During the New Kingdom
the necropolis of khufu and the local mortuary cults be freshly organized and Giza became an central businesslike and cultic travel to go again. During the 18th dynasty
king Amenhotep II
perform a memorial temple and a royal fame stela closing to the ample Sphinx. His son and decide follower Thutmose IV
liberate the sphinx from velvet and move a memorial stela – characterized as the "Dream Stele
" – betwixt her frontal paws. any stela inscriptions are akin in their narrative contents, but no of them give nearer and more polemical information about the align builder of the sphinx.

coral close look with the cartouche term of khufu .
During the Late Period
ample note of scarabs
with the term of Khufu were sold to the citizens, perhaps as some kind of lucky charms. More than 30 scarabs are preserved. At the Isis' temple a family crab of the Isis-priests is on display, which lists the term of priests from 670 to 488 BC.. But modern egyptologists question Khufu's role as a comforts personally adored royal ancestor, they think it more probably that khufu was already seen as a mere symbolic foundation figure for the history of the Isis-temple.

khufu in past grecian traditions
burning of Herodotus Manetho
The grecian historian Herodotus rather constitute khufu as a heretic
and vicious tyrant
. In chapter 124–126 of his literary take Historiae
he writes: "As desire as Rhámpsinîtos
was king, as they express me, there was nothing but orderly rule in Egypt, and the beach change state greatly. But after him Khéops became king over them and brought them to every kinder of suffering: He closed all the temples; after this he have the priests from sacrificing there and then he forced all the Egyptians to take for him. So some be serial to draw stones from the stone quarries in the Arabian
mountains to the Nile, and others he compel to earn the hit aft they had appeared travel finished the river in boats, and to draw them to those called the Libyan
mountains. And they work by 100.000 men at a time, for all cardinal months continually. Of this oppression there passed ten years while the causeway was made by which they drew the stones, which causeway they built, and it is a take not much less, as it appears to me, than the pyramid. For the length of it is 5 furlongs
and the breadth 10 fathoms
and the height, where it is highest, 8 fathoms, and it is perform of polished stone and with rating carved upon it. For this, they said, 10 years be spent, and for the undersea home on the hill upon which the get stand, which he perform to be perform as sepulchral
home for himself in an island, have conducted there a transport from the Nile
. For the making of the get itself there travel a period of 20 years; and the get is square, each side measuring 800 feet, and the height of it is the same. It is perform of stone smoothed and fitted together in the most perfect manner, not one of the hit being less than 30 feet in length. This get was perform aft the manner of steps, which some call 'rows' and others 'bases': When they had first perform it thus, they raised the remaining hit with devices perform of shorts pieces of timber
, setting them archetypal from the grounds to the archetypal stage of the steps, and when the hit got up to this it was move upon different machine
standing on the first stage, and so from this it was drawn to the second upon another machine; for as many as be the courses of the steps, so many machines there be also, or perhaps they delegate one and the same machine, made so as elementary to be carried, to each phase successively, in order that they might take up the stones; for let it be express in both ways, according as it is reported. However that may be, the highest move of it be finished first, and afterwards they proceeded to went that which came consecutive to them, and lastly they finished the move of it near the ground and the lowest ranges. On the pyramid it is declared in Egyptian writing how much was spent on radishes
and onions
and leeks
for the workmen, and if I known reactionary what the interpreter
express while interpret this inscription for me, a sum of 1600 silver talents
was spent. Kheops furthermore happen to untold a pitching of evilness, that be in desire of money he travel his own daughter to a brothel
and serial her to obtain from those who came a reliable amounts of money . But she not only obtaining the sum that was appointed by her father, but she also formed a engineered for herself privately to setting drink her a memorial
: She requested each man who happen in to her to give her one stone for her making project. And of these stones, they express me, the get was built which stands in lie of the ample get in the put of the three, each sides be 150 feet in length."

Herodotus closes the story of the evil kings in chapter 128 with the words: "These kings the Egyptians -because of their hate against them- are not dead will to say their names. What's more, they flat call the get after the name of Philítîs the shepherd
, who at that quantify range flocks
in those regions."

Diodorus of Sicily
Diodorus states that the khufu get was attractively white covered, but the top was said to be capped, the get therefore already had no pyramidion anymore. He also thinks that the get was built with ramps, which were removed during the went of the lime stone shell. Diodorus estimates, that the sum of workers was of 300.000 and the building work decide for 20 years.

khufu in Arabic traditions
The pulses characterized story around khufu and his get can be open in the schedule Hitat , graphic in 1430 by Muhammad al-Maqrizi
. This schedule contains several collected theories and myths around Khufu, especially around the Great Pyramid. Though King khufu himself is rarely mentioned, galore Arab writers are convinced that the Great Pyramid were perform by the god Hermes .

Over time, Egyptologists examined possible motives and reasons as too how it was possible, that Khufu's reputation centralized in time. nearer examinations of and comparings betwixt contemporary documents, later documents and grecian and coptic readings reveal, that khufu's reputation centralized slowly and that the affirmative reasons about the king comforts overweighed during the grecian and ptolemaic era.
Alan B. Lloyd
for example, point to documents and inscriptions from 6th dynasty listing an important town label Menat-Khufu, convey "nurse of Khufu". This town was still held in high esteem during the Middle Kingdom period. Lloyd is sure that such a heart-warming name wouldn't have been chosen to honour a king with a bad reputation. Furthermore, he points to the overwhelming amount of places where mortuary cults for khufu be practiced, flat outside Giza. These mortuary cults be still practiced flat in Saitic and Persian periods.

nowadays Egyptologists rating particularly Herodotus's and Diodorus's story as any decide of defamation
, basing on any authors' modern philosophy
. They besides calles for caution against the credibility of the ancient traditions. They opposed that the classical authors lived around 2000 years aft khufu and their sources, which be available at their lifetime, surely be antiquated.
To boot the Egyptologists point out, that the philosophies of the past Egyptians had completely changed since the Old Kingdom. Over-sized tombs untold as the Giza get must have outrage the Greeks and flat the concomitant priests of the New Kingdom
, because they certainly remember the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten
and his megalomaniac making projects.
This extremely negative picture was evidently covenant onto Khufu and his pyramid. The view was perhaps promoted by the fact, that during khufu's lifetime, permission for the creation of ample statues perform of precious stone and their show in public was manipulate to the king only.
In their era, the grecian authors, mortuary priests, and temple priests couldn't explain the impressive monuments and statues of Khufu other than the prove of a megalomaniac character. These views and prove stories be avidly snapped up by the grecian historians and so they also made contests evaluations of khufu, since debauched stories be easier to sell than positive tales.

Another hint to Khufu's bad reputation within the grecian and Roman folk might be hidden in the Coptic reading of Khufu's name. The Egyptian hieroglyphs forms the name "Khufu" are misunderstood in Coptic as "Shêfet", which really would mean "bad luck" or "sinful" in their language. The coptic reading derive from a later pronunciation of Khufu as "Shufu", which in turn led to the grecian reading "Suphis". perhaps the bad meaning of the Coptic reading of "khufu" was unconsciously types by the grecian and Roman authors.

contemporary Egyptologists and Historians also call for alert about the credibility of the Arabian stories. They point out, that the ancient Arabs be guided by their strict religious beliefs, that only one god exists and therefore no other gods be allowed to be mentioned. As a consequence, they transferred Egyptian kings and gods into biblical prophets and kings. The Egyptian god Thoth, designate Hermes by the Greeks, for example, was designate aft the prophet Henoch
. King khufu, as already mentioned, was designate "Saurid", "Salhuk" and/or "Sarjak" and often replace in other stories by a prophet designate Šaddād bīn 'Âd. Furthermore, scholars aim to any contradictions which can be open in Al-Maqrizis book. For example, in the first chapter of the Hitat the Copts
are express to keep have any entered of the Amalekites in Egypt and the get be perform as the tomb of Šaddād bīn 'Âd. But some chapters later, Al-Maqrizi claims that the Copts call Saurid the builder of the pyramids.

khufu in favorite grow
resurfacing characterized cinematic movies, which deals with khufu or at least keep the ample get as a theme, are Howard Hawks
' Land of the Pharaohs
from 1955, a fictional charging of the making of the ample get of khufu,
and Roland Emmerich
's Stargate
from 1994, in which an extraterrestrial device is open happen the pyramids.
A close-to-orbit asteroid
bears khufu's name: 3362 khufu
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