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valley of the kings
: 25°44′27″N 32°36′8″E / 25.74083°N 32.60222°E / 25.74083; 32.60222
valley of the kings

valley of the kings
valley of the kings
Location of the valley in the Theban Hills, westbound of the Nile, October 1988
With the 2005 discovery of a new accommodate , and the 2008 discovery of two favor tomb entrances,
valley of the kings
the valley is characterized to contain 63 tombs and home .
valley of the kings
It was the halfway burial travel of the bones royal rating of the Egyptian
valley of the kings
New Kingdom
valley of the kings
, as well as a number of privileged nobles. The royal tombs are decorated with scenes from Egyptian mythology and give clues to the beliefs and funerary rituals of the period. Almost all of the tombs seem to have appeared open and robbed in antiquity, but they comforts give an idea of the opulence and give of the Pharaohs. This area has appeared a think of archaeological
valley of the kings
and egyptological
valley of the kings
exploration since the end of the fourth century, and its tombs and burials continue to inspired experiment and interest. In modern meters the valley has arose remember for the discovery of the tomb
valley of the kings
of Tutankhamun
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
), and is one of the most remember archeological travel in the world. In 1979, it became a World Heritage Site
valley of the kings
, on with the be of the Theban Necropolis.
valley of the kings
Exploration, excavation and conservation behave in the valley, and a new tourist travel has tardive appeared opened.
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
Stratigraphy of the valley
The banner of the rock in the Valley is inconsistent, give from delicately grains to coarse stone, the last mentioned with the latent to be structurally unsound. The occasional shape of shale
valley of the kings
also perform construction and conservation difficulties, as this move back and forth branch in the presence of water, forcing apart the stone hint it. It is think that any tombs were altered in moulding and size be on the types of move back and forth the builders encountered.
valley of the kings

The problems of tomb construction can be perceive with tombs of Ramesses III
valley of the kings
and his forms Setnakhte
valley of the kings
. Setnakhte been to disinterred KV11
valley of the kings
but poorer into the tomb of Amenmesse
valley of the kings
, so construction was trash and he rather lead the tomb of Twosret
valley of the kings
, KV14
valley of the kings
. When look for a tomb, Ramesses III increase the part-excavated tomb been by his father.
valley of the kings
The tomb of Ramesses II travel to an aboriginal style, with a stout axis, prospective due to the banner of the move back and forth be excavated .
valley of the kings

The area of the Theban hills is exposing to occasional violent thunder storms, causing flash floods in the valley. Recent analyse have shown that thither are at least 7 about flood streamed beds, leading drink into the principal area of the valley.
valley of the kings
This central area been to have appeared flooded at the end of the Eighteenth Dynasty and buried several tombs alto metres of debris. The tombs KV63, KV62 and KV55 are dug into the actual wadi bedrock instead than the debris, show that the sometime level of the valley was 5 m below its present level.
valley of the kings
After this event later dynasties level the floor of the valley, building the flood deposit their fill favor drink the valley, and the buried tombs were forgetting and single discovered in the early 20th century.
valley of the kings
This was the area that was the exposing of the Amarna Royal Tombs Project grounds scanning radar investigation, which show any anomalies, one of which was proved to be KV63.
valley of the kings

valley of the kings
valley of the kings
al-Qurn dominate the valley.
While the iconic get complexes of the Giza plateau
valley of the kings
keep happen to meant past Egypt, the majority of tombs be cut into rock. Most get and mastabas
valley of the kings
contain segment which are cut into ground level, and thither are beat rock-cut tombs in Egypt that go out endorse to the Old Kingdom.
valley of the kings

The Valley was employed for uppercase burials from around 1539 BC to 1075 BC, and contains at least 63 tombs
valley of the kings
, founded with Thutmose I
valley of the kings
, and end with Ramesses X
valley of the kings
or XI
valley of the kings
, although non-Royal burials act in lead tombs.
valley of the kings

The authoritative term for the site in past meters was The ample and quality Necropolis of the Millions of Years of the Pharaoh, Life, Strength, Health in The West of Thebes , or more than usually, Ta-sekhet-ma'at .
valley of the kings

At the be of the Eighteenth Dynasty
valley of the kings
, single the kings be buried within the valley in ample tombs; when a non-royal was buried, it was in a atomic move back and forth cut chamber, closing to the tomb of their master.
valley of the kings
Amenhotep III
valley of the kings
's tomb was forms in the occidental Valley, and while his son Akhenaten
valley of the kings
moving his tomb's construction to Amarna
valley of the kings
, it is think that the pending WV25 may keep originally appeared intend for him.
valley of the kings
With the travel to sacred orthodoxy at the end of the fourth Dynasty, Tutankhamun
valley of the kings
, Ay
valley of the kings
and sometime Horemheb
valley of the kings
travel to the royal necropolis.
valley of the kings

In the Pyramid Age
valley of the kings
the tomb of the king was think with a mortuary temple find close to the pyramid. As the tomb of the king was hidden, this mortuary temple was find away from the burial, closer to the cultivation set about towards Thebes
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
These mortuary temples became travel visit during the antithetic festivals see in the Theban necropolis, most notably the Beautiful festival of the valley
valley of the kings
, where the spiritual barques of Amun-Re
valley of the kings
, his companies Mut
valley of the kings
and son Khonsu
valley of the kings
travel the temple at Karnak
valley of the kings
in ordering to visited the funerary temples of change state kings on the westbound behave and their fences in the Theban Necropolis
valley of the kings
valley of the kings

The area has appeared a bones area of contemporary Egyptological
valley of the kings
exploration for the decide two centuries. earlier this the area was a travel for tourism in antiquity .
valley of the kings
This area instance the dress in the major of past Egypt, be as antiquity hunting, and end as scientific excavation of the entire Theban Necropolis
valley of the kings
. Despite the exploration and investigation express below, single eight of the tombs keep really appeared totally recorded.
In 1799, members of Napoleon's expedition
valley of the kings
to Egypt setting constitute and purpose of the characterized tombs, and for the archetypal quantify express the occidental Valley .
valley of the kings
The Description de l'Égypte
valley of the kings
contains two volumes on the area approximately Thebes.
valley of the kings

When Gaston Maspero
valley of the kings
was reappointed to chairs the Egyptian Antiquities Service, the nature of the exploration of the valley centralized again. Maspero based English archaeologist Howard Carter
valley of the kings
as the important Inspector of apical Egypt and the youthful man detects any new tombs and analyse any others, improved KV42 and KV20.
valley of the kings

aft Davis's death aboriginal in 1915 Lord Carnarvon
valley of the kings
acquired the concession to excavate the valley and he utilised Carter to explore it. aft a systematic fish they detects the actual tomb of Tutankhamun in November 1922.
valley of the kings

valley of the kings diagram Map
The accustomed tomb scheduling be of a desire been rock-cut corridor, descendant doner one or more than halls
valley of the kings
), to the burial chamber. In the before tombs the corridors trend doner 90 degrees at least formerly , and the aboriginal had cartouche
valley of the kings
-shaped burial home .
valley of the kings
This layout is characterized as 'Bent Axis',
valley of the kings
and aft the burial the apical corridors be signified to be change with rubble, and the carts to the tomb hidden.
valley of the kings
aft the Amarna Period
valley of the kings
, the layout bit by bit straightened, with an bargain 'Jogged Axis' , to the by and large 'Straight Axis' of the recently ordinal and fourth Dynasty tombs .
valley of the kings
As the tomb's hash straightened, the slopes besides lessened, and active vanish in the recently fourth Dynasty.
valley of the kings
Another have that is commonest to most tombs is the 'well', which may keep originated as an current barrier intended to stop flood waters entered the move move of the tombs. It later been to keep create a 'magical' purpose as a symbolic shaft.
valley of the kings
In the concomitant fourth Dynasty, the resurfacing itself was sometimes not excavated, but the resurfacing populate was comforts present.
valley of the kings
valley of the kings

Decoration important article: Ancient Egyptian funerary texts
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
elaborate of decoration from KV2
valley of the kings

recently in the ordinal Dynasty the Book of Caverns
valley of the kings
, which episodic the underworld into massive caverns containing deities and the change state waited for the sun to cycle through and regenerate them to life, was placed in the upper parts of tombs; a complete version been in the tomb of Ramesses VI.
valley of the kings
The burial of Ramesses III saw the Book of the Earth
valley of the kings
, where the underworld is episodic into 4 sections, went in the sun disc be travel from the hide by Naunet
valley of the kings
valley of the kings

Each burial was give with equipment that would enable a act existence in the afterlife in comfort. besides show in the tombs be ritual magic items, such as Shabtis
valley of the kings
and perceived figurines. any equipment was that which the king may keep employed in their lifetime , and any was specially constructed for the burial.
valley of the kings

Tomb been
The fourth Dynasty tombs indoors the valley dress a solid deal in decoration, style and location. At archetypal thither seems to keep been no better plan; indeed the tomb
valley of the kings
of Hatshepsut
valley of the kings
is of a unparalleled shape, setting and setting drink finished 200 metres from the carts so that the burial chamber is 97 metres beneath the surface. The tombs bit by bit became more regular and formalised, and the tombs of Thutmose III
valley of the kings
and Thutmose IV
valley of the kings
, KV34
valley of the kings
and KV43
valley of the kings
are solid examples of fourth Dynasty tombs, any with their stout axis, and simplest decoration.
valley of the kings

At the aforesaid time, powerful and authoritative nobles been to be buried with the royal family; the most remember of these tombs is the cooperative tomb of Yuya
valley of the kings
and Tjuyu
valley of the kings
, KV46
valley of the kings
. They be perhaps the straighten of further Tiy
valley of the kings
, and until the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, this was the pulses have tomb to be open in the Valley.
valley of the kings

Amarna Period
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
emblematic 'Jogged axis' post-Amarna tomb
The other Amarna period tombs are located in a smaller, principal area in the centre of the easter Valley, with a possible mummy recording that may contain the burials of any Amarna Period royals—Tiy
valley of the kings
and Smenkhkare
valley of the kings
or Akhenaten
valley of the kings
valley of the kings

valley of the kings
valley of the kings
Decoration of the burial accommodate in KV62
In the aforesaid principal area as KV62 and KV63, is 'KV64
valley of the kings
', a radar anomaly believed to be a tomb or accommodate inform on 28 July 2006. It is not an authoritative designation, and so the current existence of a tomb at all is discount by the Supreme Council of Antiquities
valley of the kings
valley of the kings

The ordinal Dynasty saw a favor standardisation of tomb layout and decoration. The tomb of the archetypal king of the dynasty Ramesses I
valley of the kings
was hastily through due to the death of the king and is smallest more than than a improved descendant corridor and a burial chamber; however, KV16
valley of the kings
has resilient decoration, and comforts contains the sarcophagus
valley of the kings
of the king. Its central location convey that it is one of the often visit tombs. It show the development of the tomb carts and passage and of decoration.
valley of the kings

The son of Seti, Ramesses the Great
valley of the kings
forms a ample tomb, KV7
valley of the kings
, but it is in a abusive state, and it is presently dress excavation and conservation by a Franco-Egyptian classify led by Christian Leblanc
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
It is a ample size, be around the aforesaid length, and a ample area, of the tomb of his father.
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
's hit sarcophagus in KV8
valley of the kings

Ramesses II's son and crowning successor, Merenptah
valley of the kings
's tomb
valley of the kings
has appeared opening since antiquity; it extends 160 metres, end in a burial accommodate that once contained a set of cardinal populate sarcophagi
valley of the kings
valley of the kings
resurfacing decorated, it is typically opening to the in the public eye most years.
valley of the kings

The archetypal ruler of the dynasty, Setnakhte
valley of the kings
, really had two tombs forms for himself; he been to disinterred the crowning tomb of his son, Ramesses III
valley of the kings
, but poorer into different tomb and trash it in ordering to lead and accomplish the tomb
valley of the kings
of the ordinal Dynasty egg-producing pharaoh Twosret
valley of the kings
. This tomb hence has two burial chambers, the concomitant extensions making the tomb one of the ample of the Royal tombs, at finished 150 metres.
valley of the kings

valley of the kings
valley of the kings
Tomb of Ramesses III
valley of the kings
, KV11
The successors and offspring of Ramesses III
valley of the kings
forms tombs that had straight hash and were decorated in such the aforesaid manner as all other; worth amongst these is KV2
valley of the kings
, the tomb of Ramesses IV
valley of the kings
, which has appeared opening since antiquity, containing a ample amounts of hieratic
valley of the kings
graffiti. The tomb is largely entire and is improved with scenes from any sacred texts.
valley of the kings
The cooperative tomb of Ramesses V
valley of the kings
and Ramesses VI
valley of the kings
, KV9
valley of the kings
, is improved with many sunk-relief carvings, depicting instance scenes from religious texts. opening since antiquity, it contains finished a eight graffiti in ancient Greek, Latin and Coptic.
valley of the kings
The spoil from the excavation and concomitant clearance of this tomb, unneurotic with concomitant construction of workers huts, covered the earlier burial of KV62 and been to have been what protected that tomb from earlier discovery and looting.
valley of the kings

valley of the kings
valley of the kings
Tomb of Ramesses IX
valley of the kings
, KV6
different worth tomb from this dynasty is KV19
valley of the kings
, the tomb of Mentuherkhepshef
valley of the kings
. The tomb is atomic and is merely a converted, pending corridor, but the decoration is ample and the tomb has been freshly restoring and opening for visitors.
valley of the kings
valley of the kings

Twenty-first Dynasty and the change state of the necropolis
During the concomitant Third bargain Period
valley of the kings
and concomitant periods, encroaching burials be announcing into galore of the opening tombs. In Coptic
valley of the kings
times, any of the tombs be employed as churches, stable and flat houses.
valley of the kings

insignificant tombs in the valley of the kings important article: Minor tombs in the valley of the kings
valley of the kings

active all of the tombs keep appeared ransacked.
valley of the kings
any papyri
valley of the kings
keep appeared open that outlining the trials of tomb robbers; these date mostly from the late Twentieth Dynasty. One of these describes the robbery of the tomb of Ramesses VI and was probably written in Year 9 of Ramesses IX:
The valley besides been to keep smouldering an authoritative heist during the virtual civilian war
valley of the kings
, which been in the decide of Ramesses XI
valley of the kings
. The tombs be opened, all the valuables removed, and the mummies had into two ample caches. One in the tomb of Amenhotep II
valley of the kings
, contained sixteen, and others be buried indoors Amenhotep I
valley of the kings
's tomb. A few years concomitant most of them be moving to the Deir el-Bahri
valley of the kings
cache, contained no fewer than cardinal royal mummies and their coffins.
valley of the kings
single those tombs whose locations be losing
valley of the kings
) be carefree in this period.
In 1997, 58 tourists and cardinal Egyptians be massacred
valley of the kings
at happen Deir el-Bahri
valley of the kings
by Islamist militants from Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya
valley of the kings
. This led to an widespread plummeted in tourism in the area.
valley of the kings
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