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A tower block, high-rise, residential towers,
tower block
apartment tower, office tower, apartment block, or blocks of flats, is a tallest building
tower block
or organize employed as a residential
tower block
and/or office building
tower block
. In any areas they may be referred to as "MDU" be for "Multi fear Unit".
tower block

High-rise interlocked represent specific engineered contest for structural
tower block
and geotechnical
tower block
engineers, especially if price in a seismically active
tower block
region or if the been improved keep geotechnical gambling budgets untold as advanced compressibility or bay mud
tower block
. They besides pose earnest contest to firefighters during emergencies in high-rise structures. New and old making design, making systems seeking the making standpipe
tower block
system, HVAC
tower block
systems , fire sprinkler
tower block
system and variant things seeking stairwell and elevator
tower block
evacuations represent momentous problems. analyse are frequently necessitate to guarantee that tedious wind comfort
tower block
and travel danger refer are addressed. In ordering to allow less travel exposure, to cash more daylight to the grounds and to be more slender, galore high-rises have a engineered with setbacks
tower block
restrict 1 Definition
tower block
2 History
tower block
3 contemporary development
tower block
3.1 Europe
tower block
3.1.1 eastbound Europe
tower block
3.1.2 ample Britain
tower block
3.1.3 Ireland
tower block
3.2 Asia
tower block
3.2.1 southbound Korea
tower block
3.2.2 China
tower block
3.3 Americas
tower block
3.3.1 Canada
tower block
3.3.2 connects States
tower block
3.4 Australia
tower block
4 Streets in the sky
tower block
5 been access
tower block
6 white soaring blocks
tower block
7 See also
tower block
8 References
tower block
8.1 Sources
tower block
9 outermost links
tower block

antithetic embody keep be "high-rise":
Emporis Standards
tower block
be a high-rise as "A multi-story organize betwixt 35–100 times tall, or a making of chartless height from 12–39 floors."
tower block
match to the making coded of Hyderabad, India
tower block
, a high-rise making is one with cardinal surprise or more, or one 15 times or more than in height.
tower block
The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines a high-rise as "a building having galore storeys". The world Conference on Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings defined a high-rise as "any structure where the height can keep a earnest compressed on evacuation" In the U.S., the federal Fire Protection Association defines a high-rise as being higher than 75 feet , or about 7 stories.
tower block
Most making engineers, inspectors, architects and akin professions be a high-rise as a making that is at least 75 feet tall. History
tower block
tower block
These soaring block be perform in Shibam
tower block
, Yemen
tower block
in the 16th century, and are the tall mudbrick
tower block
buildings in the multinational
In Arab Egypt
tower block
, the initials primary city was Fustat
tower block
. It house galore high-rise residential buildings, any cardinal stories tallest that could reportedly house hundreds of people. Al-Muqaddasi
tower block
, in the 10th century, set forth them as mismatched minarets
tower block
, while Nasir Khusraw
tower block
, in the aboriginal 11th century, set forth any of them travel up to 14 stories, with roof gardens
tower block
on the top story accomplish with ox-drawn water wheels
tower block
for water them.
tower block
tower block
By the 16th century, Cairo
tower block
besides had high-rise apartment buildings where the two move floors were for commercialized and storage purposes and the aggregate stories preparatory them were rented
tower block
out to tenants
tower block
tower block

soaring block be perform in the Yemeni
tower block
city of Shibam
tower block
in the 16th century. The accommodate of Shibam are all perform out of mud bricks
tower block
, but around cardinal cardinal of them are tower houses
tower block
, which tower cardinal to eight stories high,
tower block
with all catch have one or two apartments
tower block
tower block
tower block
This technique of building was implemented to protect residents from Bedouin attacks. While Shibam has be for around two thousand years, most of the city's houses go out from the 16th century. The city has the tallest mud buildings in the world, some more than than 30 meters
tower block
tower block
Shibam has appeared label "one of the oldest and pulses examples of urban intend basing on the principle of plum construction" or "Manhattan
tower block
of the desert".
tower block

The residential soaring blocks with its emblematic concrete construction
tower block
are a acquainted have of Modernist architecture
tower block
. authoritative examples includes Le Corbusier
tower block
's "housing unit" his Unité d'Habitation
tower block
, translated in antithetic European cities be with his Cité radieuse in Marseille , forms of béton brut
tower block
, rough-cast concrete
tower block
, as steel for framework was outback in post-war France. Residential soaring block became modular in house urban populations displaced by slum clearances
tower block
and "urban renewal
tower block
variant modern term and movements in highrise engineered includes organic
tower block
, sustainable
tower block
, neo-futurist
tower block
, structuralist
tower block
, high-tech
tower block
, deconstructivist
tower block
, blob
tower block
, digital
tower block
, streamline
tower block
, novelty
tower block
, critical regionalist
tower block
, vernacular
tower block
, Neo Art Deco
tower block
and neo-historist
tower block
, besides characterized as revivalist
tower block
Europe See also: Panelák
tower block
and Plattenbau
tower block
eastbound Europe
tower block
tower block
invested in Nowa Huta
tower block
, Poland
today opinions around these buildings vary greatly, with any respects them as eyesores on their city's landscape while others exalted them as relics of a bygone age. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union
tower block
, and particularly in the recently 1990s and early 2000s, galore of the former eastbound Bloc countries have begun construction of new, more than expensive and contemporary housing. The Śródmieście
tower block
borough of Warsaw
tower block
, the primary of Poland
tower block
, has perceive the development of an arrange of skyscrapers. Russia
tower block
is also currently undergoing a melodramatic buildout, growing a commercially shaped skyline. Moreover, the ongoing dress made to postwar housing estates in Eastern Europe since the 2000s in countries like Russia, Poland, parts of Germany, Czech Republic, and Estonia dress - give from simply dedicated a new coat of paint to the antecedently improved exterior to thorough modernization of entire buildings.
ample Britain
tower block
tower block
The cardinal soaring block of the across Estate in Bow, London
tower block
, connects Kingdom, earlier their refurbishment
The post-war British soaring blocks vision
As resurfacing as inspired residents, topical authority planners permit that the way soaring blocks be constructed would save money.
tower block
Generally, the soaring block be perform on affordable greenfield land
tower block
avoids open cities.
tower block
Although the property price for these periphery sites be markedly bargain-priced than their internal city counterparts, they often had little accessing to in the public eye amenities, untold as public transport
tower block
tower block
It was thought that the implementation of improved making techniques would move costs too, as similar soaring blocks would be tilt over galore sites.
tower block
Uniform and standardised parts, untold as toilet fittings and door handles, would be interact passim galore soaring blocks; planners deemed that buying in bulking would reduce widespread costs.
tower block

The affix war British soaring blocks reality
tower block
tower block
Elmet tower in Swarcliffe
tower block
, Leeds
tower block
, show the dereliction that led to its demolition
poorer design decisions burning the rating benefits of the buildings. opening spaces, which be formulated to get the residents, be rather unattractive, unused and inadequately supervised.
tower block
Residents entangle it was harder to maintained the ample open spaces approximately the block because they realistically been to no one.
tower block
societal problems hyperbolic as the soaring block rapidly devalued because of poorer maintenance and an insecure common environment.
tower block
unconnected from support break-downs, common setting be a obtain of feared for populate travelling alone.
tower block
It was a rarity to "enter a clean-smelling, undefaced lift".
tower block
The soaring blocks, galore of which be on the periphery of the city, perform residents smouldering isolates and cut off from society.
tower block
Outsiders and newcomers were besides affected; they entangle the command design of the tower block perform them sinister and unsociable.
tower block

While topical authorities and their architects intend to create tower blocks that encouraged harmonious and vibrant communities, often the ensue be far from ideal. Post-war tower blocks be compromised from the outset by a combination of faults: topical authorities recommended impractical architectural methods; design and construction faults be frequently reproduced; and there appeared to be a lack of understanding about the social consequences of certain design features. Collectively, these oversights transformed galore tower blocks into undesirable places to live.
tower block
tower block
High-rise apartment buildings of the "Komplex Leipziger Straße" in Berlin-Mitte
tower block
. guns safety
Towards the show day
tower block
tower block
The iconic 31-story Red Road
tower block
estate in Glasgow
tower block
, the tall in the public eye house tower in Europe at the quantify of their construction, seeking galore 1960s British high-rises, are now condemned.
aft a gap of approximately 30 years, new high-rise flats are formerly once again be perform in Belfast
tower block
, Birmingham
tower block
, Cardiff
tower block
, Aberdeen
tower block
, Glasgow, Leeds
tower block
, Liverpool
tower block
, London, Manchester
tower block
, and Newcastle upon Tyne
tower block
; but this quantify sometimes for plush professionals, instead than the "lower classes
tower block
." Their developers trade these properties by using the American term 'apartment buildings', perhaps in an effort to distance these newer buildings from the older soaring blocks from the 1950s and 1960s. These are usually taller than their older counterparts and by and large built in and approximately these provincial city centres. They are frequently glass and aluminium clad. Tonight with Trevor McDonald
tower block
bring out that in Leeds
tower block
and Manchester
tower block
single around fragmentary be take and with subjective occupation frequently be as low as 10%. In Southend
tower block
thither are controversial plans to perform new tower block for societal housing, a supporter claims this will be bargain-priced than provide to home poor
tower block
populate with clannish landlords while opponents feared the creation of Ghettos
tower block
tower block

tower block
tower block
Flats in Ballymun
tower block
, Dublin
tower block
, Ireland
tower block
finished the decide cardinal years the ample cities untold as Dublin, Cork
tower block
, Limerick
tower block
and Galway
tower block
keep guard new ample apartment building. any ample towns untold as Navan
tower block
, Drogheda
tower block
, Dundalk
tower block
and Mullingar
tower block
keep besides guard separate of contemporary apartments be built.
union Ireland
Most of the aforementioned high tower flats in the city were built by the union Ireland house relied as move of overspill housing schemes, the first untold development being the pair of aim blocks in East Belfast's Cregagh
tower block
estate. These eleven-story tower be end in 1961 and be the archetypal tallest council housing block on the island of Ireland.
tower block
The NIHT besides designed the inner city Divis Flats complex. The six to eight story been accessing flats that comprised most of the Divis estate were of poorer perform quality and were all demolished by the aboriginal 1990s.
tower block
akin slab block be perform by the NIHT in easter Belfast and Derry's Bogside
tower block
area, all cardinal of which keep appeared demolished.
Residential soaring complexes are commonest in asiatic countries untold as China
tower block
, Taiwan
tower block
, Singapore
tower block
, Japan
tower block
, and South Korea
tower block
as urban densities are dead high. In Singapore
tower block
and urban Hong Kong
tower block
, beach prices are so advanced that almost the entire population lives in high-rise apartments. In fact, finished 60% of Hong Kong residents live in apartments, many of them condominiums
tower block
In South Korea the tower blocks are called Apartment Complex ">아파트 단지
tower block
). The archetypal residential tower began to be perform aft the Korean War
tower block
. The South Korean government needed to perform galore apartment complexes in the cities to be capable to accommodate the citizens. In the 60 years since, as the population hyperbolic considerably, soaring blocks have become more common. This time however the new soaring blocks integrated shop malls, put system and other handy facilities.
In Seoul , around 80% of its residents bachelor in apartment complexes which be 98% of revolutionary residential construction.
tower block
Seoul becoming is express for its population density
tower block
, active twice that of New York
tower block
and thousand meters ample than Rome
tower block
, though somewhat fewer than Paris
tower block
. Its metropolitan area is the denser in the OECD.
tower block

In Canada ample multi-family buildings
tower block
are usually known as apartment buildings or apartment blocks if they are rented from one commonest landowner, or condominiums or condo towers if each dwelling unit is individually owned; they may be called low-rise , mid-rise, high-rise, or skyscraper depending on their height. Tall residential towers are a locks building write in all large cities. Their relational prominence in Canadian cities varies substantially, however. In general, more than populated cities have more than high-rises than atomic cities, due to a relational the scarcity of land and a greater demand for housing.
tower block
contains the support largest concentration of high-rise apartment buildings in North America . In Canada, like in other New World countries, but unlike Western Europe, most high-rise tower are find in the city travel , where smaller, older buildings be burning to make way in redevelopment
tower block
schemes. Toronto, nevertheless has galore high-rise apartment and condominium communities in its densest suburbs in addition to downtown. Greenfield
tower block
high-rise development in the suburbs
tower block
of Canadian cities is such more than rare, although it perform happen, especially in transit-oriented developments
tower block
connects express
tower block
This separate necessitate cumulative citations for verification
tower block
. pleased encouraging improve this article
tower block
by adding citations to certain sources
tower block
. Unsourced mercenary may be dispute and removed.
tower block
tower block
432 put Avenue
tower block
alto construction in July 2014, the tall residential high-rise soaring in Manhattan
tower block
any of the archetypal residential tower be the Castle Village
tower block
tower in Manhattan
tower block
, New York City
tower block
, end in 1939. Their cross-shaped engineered was types in tower in Parkchester
tower block
and Stuyvesant Town
tower block
residential developments.
In distinguish to their public housing
tower block
cousins, commercially create high-rise apartment buildings continue to branch in cities around the country mostly due to advanced beach prices and the housing look of the 2000s. The Upper easter Side
tower block
in New York City and Chicago's Gold Coast
tower block
, any have high-rise apartments, are the plush urban neighborhoods in the connects States.
High-rise living in Australia was limited to small pockets of bohemian inner Sydney until the 1960s, where a short-lived fashion saw public housing rooms located in new high-rise developments, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. The buildings pictured along with four other 16-story blocks be constructed on behalf of the Royal Australian Navy and be available to sailors and their families for accommodation. Due to social problems within these blocks the Navy left and the Department of Housing took fault and flats be let to low income and immigrant families. During the 1980s many people escaping communism in Eastern block countries be housed in these buildings. Developers keep enthusiastically adopted the term "apartment" for these new high-rise blocks, perhaps to avoid the stigma comforts attached to housing commission flats.
Streets in the sky "Streets in the sky" send here. For the ordinal studio album by UK move back and forth strapped The Enemy, see Streets in the Sky
tower block
tower block
tower block
"Street in the sky" at put shape
Deck access is a write of flattest that is accessed from a walkway that is opening to the elements, as opposes to flats that are accessed from fully enclosed inner corridors. Deck access blocks of flats are normally fairly low-rise structures. The decks can vary from simplest walkways, which may be covered or uncovered, to decks widest enough for atomic vehicles. The best known example of deck-access flats in the UK is Park Hill, Sheffield
tower block
, where the been are widest sufficient to allowance electric vehicles; however, the engineered is uplifting by cut Modernist architect Le Corbusier
tower block
, especially his Unite D'Habitation
tower block
in Marseilles
tower block
tower block

Green tower blocks
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