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146.5 metres , ancient
138.8 metres , modern establish 230.4 metres
basing on a brands in an indoor accommodate designate the take groups and a write to fourth dynasty
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
Pharaoh Khufu
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
believe that the get was perform as a tomb over a 10 to 20-year period reasons approximately 2560 BC. Ab initio at 146.5 metres , the Great get was the tallest man-made structure
great pyramid of giza
in the world for over 3,800 years. Originally, the ample get was covered by cases stones that formed a smooth external surface; what is perceive today is the underlying core structure. Some of the cases stones that once covered the structure can still be perceive around the base. thither have been varying scientific and alternative theories about the ample Pyramid's construction techniques. Most accepted construction hypotheses are based on the idea that it was perform by moving huge stones from a quarry
great pyramid of giza
and laborious and setting them into place.
restrict 1 History and description
great pyramid of giza
2 Materials
great pyramid of giza
2.1 cases stones
great pyramid of giza
2.2 Construction theories
great pyramid of giza
3 Interior
great pyramid of giza
3.1 Queen's Chamber
great pyramid of giza
3.2 formidable Gallery
great pyramid of giza
3.3 King's Chamber
great pyramid of giza
3.4 contemporary entrance
great pyramid of giza
4 get complex
great pyramid of giza
5 Boats
great pyramid of giza
6 Looting
great pyramid of giza
7 See also
great pyramid of giza
8 References
great pyramid of giza
9 outermost links
great pyramid of giza

It is permit the get was perform as a tomb for Fourth Dynasty
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
pharaoh Khufu
great pyramid of giza
and was forms finished a 20-year period. Khufu's vizier
great pyramid of giza
, Hemon
great pyramid of giza
, or Hemiunu
great pyramid of giza
, is permit by any to be the architect of the ample Pyramid.
great pyramid of giza
It is think that, at construction, the ample get was originally 280 Egyptian cubits
great pyramid of giza
tallest , but with erosion
great pyramid of giza
and absence of its pyramidion
great pyramid of giza
, its show height is 138.8 metres . all establish sides was 440 cubits
great pyramid of giza
, 230.4 metres long. The masses of the get is reason at 5.9 million tonnes
great pyramid of giza
. The volume, include an inner hillock, is around 2,500,000 blockish metres .
great pyramid of giza
basing on these estimates, making the pyramid in 20 years would involve installed approximately 800 tonnes of stone every day. Additionally, since it be of an reason 2.3 million blocks, completing the making in 20 years would involve speed an average of more than than 12 of the blocks into place all hour, day and night. The first precision measurements of the pyramid were made by Egyptologist
great pyramid of giza
Sir Flinders Petrie
great pyramid of giza
in 1880–82 and perform as The get and Temples of Gizeh.
great pyramid of giza
active all reports are basing on his measurements. galore of the cases stones and inner chamber block of the Great Pyramid fit unneurotic with extremely high precision. Based on measurements work on the north eastern cases stones, the mean opening of the joints is single 0.5 millimetres wide .
great pyramid of giza

great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
ample get of Giza from a 19th-century stereopticon
great pyramid of giza
separate photo
great pyramid of giza

The ample get be of an reason 2.3 million blocks which most relied to keep appeared setting from nearby quarries
great pyramid of giza
. The Tura limestone employed for the cases was mining crossways the river. The ample granite hit in the pyramid, open in the "King's" chamber, decide 25 to 80 tonnes
great pyramid of giza
and be setting from Aswan
great pyramid of giza
, more than 800 km away. Traditionally, ancient Egyptians cut hit block by beat into them some wooden wedges, which be then soaked with water. As the watering was absorbed, the wedges expanded, causing the rock to crack. Once they be cut, they be travel by boat either up or drink the Nile River
great pyramid of giza
to the pyramid.
great pyramid of giza
It is estimated that 5.5 million tonnes of limestone, 8,000 tonnes of granite , and 500,000 tonnes of mortars be employed in the construction of the ample Pyramid.
great pyramid of giza

cases hit
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
cases hit in the British Museum
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza

galore alternative, frequently contradictory, theories keep appeared declare think the pyramid's construction techniques.
great pyramid of giza
galore dissenting on whether the block be dragged, lifted, or flat trend into place. The Greeks
great pyramid of giza
permit that slave take was used, but modern discoveries perform at happen workers' rooms associated with construction at Giza suggest that it was built instead by tens of thousands of expert workers. Verner installed that the take was organized into a hierarchy
great pyramid of giza
, be of two groups of 100,000 men, episodic into cardinal zaa or phyle of 20,000 men each, which may keep been favor episodic match to the skills of the workers.
great pyramid of giza

A contemporary construction management study, in association with Mark Lehner
great pyramid of giza
and variant Egyptologists, reason that the normal project necessitate an normal workforce of 14,567 people and a peak workforce of 40,000. Without the use of pulleys, wheels, or grinding tools, they employed critical path analysis
great pyramid of giza
to declare that the ample get was end from be to went in around 10 years.
great pyramid of giza

great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
diagrams of the indoor interlocked of the ample Pyramid. The internal lining tell the pyramid's show profile; the outer lining tell the archetypal profile.
At 28.2 metres from the carts is a shape hole in the roof of the Descending Passage. Originally concealed with a slab of stone, this is the beginning of the Ascending Passage. The Ascending Passage is 39.3 metres long, as widest and high as the Descending Passage and slopes up at almost precisely the same angle. The lower end of the Ascending Passage is closed by cardinal huge blocks of granite, all about 1.5 metres long. At the start of the Grand Gallery on the right-hand side thither is a hole cut in the wall. This is the start of a plum shaft which follows an irregular path through the masonry of the pyramid to join the Descending Passage. Also at the start of the Grand Gallery thither is the Horizontal Passage directive to the "Queen's Chamber". The passage is 1.1m high for most of its length, but near the chamber thither is a step in the floor, after which the passage is 1.73 metres high.
Queen's accommodate
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
Richard Pocockes
great pyramid of giza
diagram of get of Cheops from 1754.
In the northbound and south protect of the Queen's Chamber there are shafts, which unlike those in the King's Chamber that instantly slope upwards, are transverse for around 2 m earlier sloping upwards. The transverse distance was cut in 1872 by a British engineer, Waynman Dixon, who permit a similar shaft to the King's Chamber essential also exist. He was been right, but because the shafts are not connected to the external faces of the pyramid or the Queen's Chamber, their purpose is unknown. At the end of one of his shafts, Dixon discovered a ball of black diorite
great pyramid of giza
and a stained use of chartless purpose. any deprecated are presently in the British Museum.
great pyramid of giza

experiment act in 2011 with the Djedi Project
great pyramid of giza
. realize the problem was that the National geographical Society
great pyramid of giza
's camera was single capable to see directly upward of it, they rather employed a fiber-optic "micro sliding camera
great pyramid of giza
" that could see around corners. With this they be capable to penetrate the first door of the southern shaft through the hole drill in 2002, and think all the sides of the atomic chamber behind it. They discovered hieroglyphs written in red paint. They be also capable to scrutinize the inside of the two plate "handles" embedded in the door, and they now believe them to be for decorative purposes. They also found the reverse side of the "door" to be finished and polished, which suggests that it was not put there just to block the shaft from debris, but instead for a more specific reason.
great pyramid of giza

formidable Gallery
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
The formidable Gallery of the ample get of Giza
At the upper end of the Gallery on the right-hand sides thither is a hit near the roof that opens into a short tunneled by which accessing can be gained to the worst of the repaired Chambers. The other repaired home were detects in 1837/8 by Colonel Howard Vyse
great pyramid of giza
and J. S. Perring
great pyramid of giza
, who dug tunnel up use make noise powder.
At the top of the formidable Gallery, there is a step giving onto a horizontal passage some times long and approximately 1.02 metres in height and width, in which can be detected four slots, cardinal of which be prospective intended to retain granite portcullises
great pyramid of giza
. break of granite open by Petrie
great pyramid of giza
in the descendant Passage may keep happen from these now-vanished doors.
King's accommodate
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
Sarcophagus in the King's accommodate
The King's Chamber is entirely faced with granite. preparatory the roof, which is perform of cardinal slabs of hit weighing in total about 400 tons, are cardinal compartments known as Relieving Chambers. The first four, seeking the King's Chamber, have flat roofs perform by the floor of the chamber above, but the final chamber has a pointed roof. Vyse suspected the presence of upper home when he found that he could push a long reed through a crack in the ceiling of the first chamber. From lower to upper, the home are known as "Davison
great pyramid of giza
's Chamber", "Wellington
great pyramid of giza
's Chamber", "Nelson
great pyramid of giza
's Chamber", "Lady Arbuthnot
great pyramid of giza
's Chamber", and "Campbell
great pyramid of giza
's Chamber". It is believed that the compartments be intended to safeguard the King's Chamber from the possibility of a roof collapsing alto the weight of stone preparatory the Chamber. As the home be not intended to be seen, they be not finished in any way and a few of the hit still retain masons' marks painted on them. One of the hit in Campbell's Chamber bears a mark, seemingly the name of a take gang.
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza

great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
The carts of the get
nowadays tourists entered the ample get via the Robbers' Tunnel, a tunneled perform approximately AD 820 by Caliph al-Ma'mun
great pyramid of giza
's workmen use a batter ram.
great pyramid of giza
The tunnel is cut straight through the masonry of the pyramid for approximately 27 metres , then turns sharply left to encounter the obstruct stones in the moving Passage. It is believed that their efforts dislodged the stone fitted in the ceiling of the descendant Passage to hide the entrance to the moving Passage and it was the noise of that stone falling and then sliding drink the descendant Passage, which alerted them to the need to turn left. Unable to remove these stones, however, the workmen tunnelled up beside them through the softer limestone of the Pyramid until they reached the moving Passage. It is possible to enter the descendant Passage from this point, but accessing is normally forbidden.
great pyramid of giza

get composite important article: Giza get complex
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
Map of Giza get composite - "Pyramid of Khufu" think of to the ample Pyramid.
On the southbound sides are the subsidiary pyramids, popularly characterized as Queens' Pyramids. Three be standing to nearly full height but the twentieth was so ruined that its existence was not suspected until the recent discovery of the first traverse of hit and the remains of the capstone. Hidden beneath the paving approximately the pyramid was the tomb of Queen Hetepheres I
great pyramid of giza
, sister-wife of Sneferu
great pyramid of giza
and mothers of Khufu
great pyramid of giza
. detects by accident by the Reisner expedition, the burial was intact, though the carefully close installed been to be empty.
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
groups photo of Australian 11th Battalion
great pyramid of giza
spend on the ample get in 1915.
great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
Aerial photography
great pyramid of giza
, work from Eduard Spelterini
great pyramid of giza
's seaplane on 21 November 1904
In the aboriginal 1970s, the Australian archaeologist Karl Kromer
great pyramid of giza
unveils a moulding in the southbound Field of the plateau. This moulding contained artifacts include mudbrick closing of Khufu
great pyramid of giza
, which he distinguished with an artisans' settlement.
great pyramid of giza
Mudbrick buildings conscionable south of Khufu's Valley Temple contained mud sealings of Khufu and keep been promising to be a settlement suffice the cult of Khufu
great pyramid of giza
aft his death.
great pyramid of giza
A worker's cemetery employed at least betwixt Khufu's decide and the end of the Fifth Dynasty
great pyramid of giza
was detects southbound of the shielded of the crows by Zahi Hawass
great pyramid of giza
in 1990.
great pyramid of giza

travel important article: Khufu ship
great pyramid of giza

The prove is a cedar-wood rowing 43.6 metres long, its timbers held together by ropes, which is currently house in a circumstantial boat-shaped, air-conditioned museum beside the pyramid. During construction of this museum, which be preparatory the rowing pit, a support close rowing pit was discovered. It was deliberately left close until 2011 when excavation began on the boat.
great pyramid of giza

great pyramid of giza
great pyramid of giza
Comparison of the ample get to variant likewise forms buildings
I. E. S. Edwards
great pyramid of giza
cover Strabo
great pyramid of giza
's mention that the get "a little way up one side has a stone that may be taken out, which being raised up there is a slopes passage to the foundations". Edwards suggested that the get was entered by robbers after the end of the Old Kingdom and sealed and then reopened more than once until Strabo's door was added. He adds: "If this highly wildcat surmise be correct, it is also constituent to assume either that the existence of the door was forgotten or that the entrance was again blocked with facing stones", in order to explain why al-Ma'mun could not determine the entrance.
great pyramid of giza
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